When Karen Corcoran Walsh, received a phone call from the Dr. Phil Show producers inviting her alcohol abuse rehab Cove Center on Dr. Phil she had no idea about the drama that would ensue before, during, and after the show.

Karen Corcoran Walsh


Sure, Karen was aware that the Dr. Phil Show is known to address some of the most controversial mental health and addiction issues on television. And after studying the show notes, Karen realized this episode would be challenging to say the least.

But Karen was definitely up for the task and her role on the show was to offer clinical advice to Kristen, a 31-year-old woman suffering from severe drinking problems as well as her mom (Terese) and sister (Dani), who have tried for years to rein in Kristen’s highly destructive drinking problem.

“The violence that Kristen creates is ripping me apart,” said Terese. “And it is ripping our family apart. I don’t want to watch her die.”Screen of Dr. Phil's guest alcohol abuse behavior

Kristen’s Alcohol Addiction Rap Sheet includes:

  • Three DUI’s before she was 21
  • Time in jail
  • Fell asleep on the side of the road on one occasion
  • Pulled a knife on her mom
  • Been on drunken binges for five or six weeks at a time
  • Hallucinations
  • Sent to Institution

Watch the unexpected Dr. Phil Show Twist

On the morning Kristen was supposed to be the featured guest and set to be taped on the Dr. Phil Show, she and her boyfriend ran away from their hotel room at 5:48 a.m. Kristen, would shortly text a show producer that she was in “panic mode” and unable to appear on the show. While Dr. Phil’s guest would not be there for the interview – the show went on without her.

How can you tape a Show without the Featured Guest?

Dr. Phil with Mom

Dr. Phil once again displayed his ability to make psychology and addiction accessible and understandable for his massive audience. Only this time, he had to tape the show without his featured guest and subject of the intervention. By having the Cove Center on Dr. Phil was a real life saver.

So how did Dr. Phil pull it off without his Main Guest?

Dr. Phil with Cove Center for Recovery as guest

Dr. Phil proceeded to methodically break down extremely complex issues – acute alcohol addiction and chaos in the family – into its most intrinsic level. By asking Terese and Dani probing questions, sharing and inserting his extensive research into the conversation, formulating spot on conclusions and enlisting the advice of an extremely talented team of addiction thought matter experts, (Karen Corcoran Walsh and Dr. James Hughes).

“You all hear me tell the people who I intervene for drug and alcohol abuse or any kind of addiction that I will haunt them to the ends of the earth once I get involved.”

Dr. Phil

Saving Kristen from a Life Threatening Drinking Problem?

Dr. Phil Cove Center for Recovery guest

At this time Terese and Dani have not been able to convince Kristen to go on the show and take part in a Dr. Phil led intervention. But, never count Dr. Phil out. One of his trademark expressions when it comes to helping people recover from addiction is:

“You all hear me tell the people who I intervene for drug and alcohol abuse or any kind of addiction that I will haunt them to the ends of the earth once I get involved,” said Dr. Phil “I am either all in or not in it at all.”

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