A.J. is a client at The Cove Center for Recovery who’s destructive relationship with substance abuse landed him in drug and alcohol rehab. A.J. has been making great strides in his treatment and staying sober. His commitment to stay sober even after drug and alcohol rehab is very commendable. Everyday he is grateful for the clarity and stability it provides.

We sat down with A.J. to see hear his thoughts on receiving drug treatment at the Cove:

“It just makes you feel like your in a different state of mind and state of clarity that you usually wouldn’t have without being in a place like this. All that trouble and stuff it just goes away when you’re done with that.”

-A.J., Cove Recovery client.

Everyone at the Cove drug and alcohol rehab center is proud of the work A.J. is putting forth. We are looking forward to his continued success in recovery and sober living after he leaves treatment.

The Cove Center Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex illness that requires the help of a medical professional to treat. Addiction can be described as a deep characterized craving for drugs and alcohol. Along with cravings those suffering from substance abuse disorder develop compulsive addictive behaviors.

This addictive behavior is heavily rooted within the brain and requires therapy and new healthy habits to rewire. The Cove has developed individualized treatments for all its clients. Every individual is different with various requirements which need to be met.

The Cove uses dual diagnosis treatment to help those suffering with mental health disorders and drug abuse. Many addicts begin their drug abuse as a form of coping with disorders like anxiety and depression.

If you or a loved are seeking treatment for addiction please call (855)-248-4393.

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