The Cove Center for Recovery was featured on page 1 of the Miami Herald in a story entitled: “The Deadly toll on synthetic drugs.” It was part three of an Investigative Report, written by Jay Weaver, a nationally acclaimed columnist for the Miami Herald. Weaver, the crime reporter for the Herald, is known for breaking the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal.

“By featuring the Cove as the only drug rehab in a special report about synthetic drugs says a lot about our treatment center’s experience and knowledge in addiction treatment,” said Karen Corcoran-Walsh, owner and co-founder of the Cove Center for Recovery drug rehab and Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab. “The article focused on one of our clients, who is recovering from flakka addiction. The client, Chris, is the fifth person that entered our program for flakka abuse.”

Corcoran-Walsh does not know of any other treatment center in the area – which is ground zero for flakka use – that is treating the dangerous street drug. Flakka is spreading through South Florida like a contagion.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Christopher Patterson, 26, of Miami, who said he has used a variety of narcotics, including heroin, since he was 15, had a relapse with flakka while undergoing drug treatment in Broward earlier this year. It was cheap, easily available and not detected on many drug tests.

On a flakka binge, he wound up wandering the drug dens of Pompano Beach, paranoid and filled with a maddening rush of calm euphoria and superhuman strength before returning to rehab.
“It was this mixture that felt like ecstasy, Molly, cocaine and crack. It was like this weird combination feeling that I just did not enjoy,” Patterson said in an interview at the Cove Center for Recovery in Fort Lauderdale. “But being an addict, knowing it wouldn’t show up on my drug test, it was so cheap I used it a few times before I was caught.”

Chris (below), who is being treating for flakka addiction at the Cove Center for Recovery was prominently featured in the story

Image courtesy of the Miami Herald

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