The Cove Center for Recovery has taken its sober fun outings to a new level by challenging our clients to the life skills building rope course. This course combines physical and mental strength into fun and exciting activities proven to strengthen teamwork and the individual self. Outings such as this help our clients to incorporate skills taught in group therapy as they need to work together as a unit in order to succeed.

Life skills building rope course

The life skills building rope course offers a variety of outdoor activities from both the “low” and “high” elements. Exercises from the low elements focus on team building where our clients must all participate and communicate effectively in order to move on to the next activity. High element exercises such as rock climbing help to strength the self. They are challenging activities that requires one to self motivate and builds perseverance.

Our trip to the rope course started off with low element team building exercises designed to bring our clients closer in preparation for the more intense individual activities.

Check out the low activities here:

After working together to complete the low elements our clients were challenged to try their hand at the rock climbing and rope walking activity. We had a few clients that were nervous but they were quickly persuaded to join in the fun by the others. The lower element exercises opened up the channel for our clients to speak positively to each other which they took advantage of by encouraging each other to try something new as well as not to give up while they were climbing.

Check out some our clients on the high elements:

The overall consensus from our clients was that the rope course outing was a great experience and they wish to do it again. Many of our clients raved at how quickly and effectively they were able to solve the low elements due to the friendships they share with one another. This outing was designed to create stronger bonds among our clients and also to individually improve their mental perseverance.  Our sister treatment center for teens, Inspirations for Youth and Families had a similar outing! See the Inspirations teens at Tiger Trail Rope Course here.

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