Remarkably, there’s an estimated 23 million people 12 and older who needed treatment for substance abuse and only 2 million actually received treatment at a specialized facility. Many of these drug addicts have the means to receive treatment. That’s unbelievable. Why is that?

Reasons why people did not receive substance abuse treatment

Denial – The most common reaction is that the addict refuses to accept that they have an alcohol and/or drug problem.

Control – Males in particular, find it difficult to admit that they need treatment due to their control issues.

No health coverage and could not afford the cost – Health coverage continues to be the number one concern for self identified addicts looking into receiving treatment.

The addict has health coverage, but it doesn’t cover treatment costs – Don’t give up now. Treatment facilities have financial staff available to discuss programs that may be compatible with your health coverage. There is a treatment option for anyone and everyone.

Not ready to stop – Substance abuse has become a central part of their lifestyle and they’re not ready to “turn a new leaf.”

Treatment won’t help – Some addicts feel they’re beyond help and they’re not strong enough. Many say they have tried, failed, and gave-up.

No one cares anyway – Lack of family or other support is a big issue especially if the addict has burned bridges by alienating family and friends during years of addiction.

Have a negative effect on job – Many don’t know that there is legislation in place to help those addicted to legal substances to help maintain their jobs upon receiving treatment. Also, many choose outpatient treatment which can work around your work schedule.

Negative stigma – Addicts are worried about being labeled an alcoholic or addict, or receiving a stigma of “the guy in rehab.”

When you are struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an impossible goal. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless or dark your situation seems. Change is possible especially with the right treatment and support. Don’t give up, especially if you’ve tried and failed before. How many times did you fall off your bike before you finally made it? It’s called determination and you can do-it!

The road to recovery often involves bumps and setbacks, after all, many of us don’t succeed the first time when trying to accomplish a very difficult task that takes determination, frustration, bumps and bruises and even tears. NOTHING THAT’S WORTH IT in life is, or will ever be easy.

Addiction to alcohol or any other substance can be treated very effectively. Addiction treatment like other illnesses requires active participation from the individual. Consider the person with diabetes. If left untreated, that person will die from the disease, But if properly diagnosed, educated, and given the right tools, he or she can eat right, perform daily sugar tests, take medication and live a life that is unaffected in any way by the disease. Similarly, addicts who actively participate in their recovery on a daily basis, are free to live their life however they choose, reaching their full potential in every way.

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