The Cove Center for Recovery has a wide range of therapeutic options for its clients seeking drug and alcohol treatment. From art therapy to group therapy we offer a variety of solutions for our clients to overcome addiction like a sober fun outing program.

What is a sober fun outing?

Sober fun activities were created to allow our clients to get re-acquainted with the outside community through fun activities that they can continue at home without being under the influence. Our outings consist of beach trips, extreme kart racing, deep sea fishing, pottery and zumba classes. We offer a range of outings that are exciting and appeal to all our clients.

How do sober fun outings help?

Our goal is for clients to work together with each other on these outings through team building exercises. We also strive to show our clients that they can live a normal and productive life after treatment. They no longer have to fear the stigma and social isolation associated with going to a rehab.

Extreme Kart Racing

Our clients gearing up for racing!

Our most recent sober fun outing was to a local extreme kart racing track. Our clients were delighted to try their hand at racing! Outings such as these put our clients out into social environments where they interact with others as well as among themselves.

The clients had a blast and even made a game out of their experience. Throughout the outing they competed with each other to see who would make it to the top three positions. Those who were in the top three didn’t win any prizes but did win “bragging rights.”

During outings such as these we encourage our clients to relax and have fun. This is one of our more exciting outings and a nice break from their daily program. Outings like these often remind our clients there is more to life after treatment.

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