To complete a drug test, a subject must submit a hair, urine, or blood sample to a clinic which will then test it for drugs and/or alcohol. Most people have to take a drug test if they are applying for a new job, if they are on probation, or for a variety of other reasons. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott campaigned for drug testing for those receiving government benefits. However, this law was struck down by the Supreme Court for being a violation against an unreasonable search. The Supreme Court said in its ruling that the state of Florida “has invalidated searches premised on consent where it has been shown that consent ‘was granted in submission to authority rather than as an understanding and intentional waiver of a constitutional right”. Drug testing in Florida also failed to turn up many substance abusers in the system.

Some politicians argue that drug testing welfare recipients will insure that people are not using benefits for drugs or alcohol. However, others have pointed out that drug testing is costly and doesn’t actually turn up many substance abusers in the system. In Minnesota, a new analysis by the state Department of Human Services found that welfare recipients were far less likely to have felony drug convictions than the adult population.

Substance abuse and dependence is never exclusive to one income bracket, profession, or even region of the country. Many people abuse drugs and alcohol for a variety of different reasons. Even those in positions of power, with financial stability, and professional success will abuse drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse and addiction knows no bounds. Anyone can become an addict.

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