It is hard to tell what a Drug Dealing Trap House looks like

By Guest Blogger Lisa

Trap House for Drug Dealing

The Urban Dictionary defines a Drug Dealing Trap House as:

Trap House: A house in the ghetto and/or projects, where it is used to sell all sorts of drugs. There is only one way in and one way out. The homes are in disrepair and look like they are for squatters. It’s main purpose is for drug dealing mass quantities of drugs.

Watch this video that explains how a Trap House works

According to the Urban Dictionary a Trap House is easy to recognize. It is in a ghetto or project and looks like an abandoned, dilapidated home. But, we soon learned that this was not always the case when Lisa, a friend on Inspirations for Youth and Families Facebook page in-boxed us and explained through her unfortunate experiences some Trap Houses are well kept and look like any other in a nice neighborhood.

“Don’t be fooled. Trap Houses can look like normal homes. They’re not always the run down falling apart homes that are portrayed in the movies,” explained Lisa. “There’s many homes that I’ve been to that are beautiful.”

“One in particular is located in a very nice neighborhood,” added Lisa. “The dope man bought the home, and the one next door, and several in a neighborhood far away.”

“Don’t be fooled. Trap Houses can look like normal homes. They’re not always the run down falling apart homes that are portrayed in the movies.”

Lisa, who lived in a Trap House

“Trap Houses are often in the suburbs now and are in the nicer neighborhoods,” Lisa said. “They could even be your neighbors.”

So what exactly is a Trap House?

“A Trap House is where people go to buy and or use drugs. The head guy usually rents it out and sets it up as a place to make money,” said Lisa, Inspirations for Youth and Families guest blogger. “The person that runs the house has someone to handle sales.”

“There are also lookouts, where a member of the Trap House performs surveillance to see if cops are coming for a raid, and for people that may want to rob the place.” added Lisa. “There are always a lot of guns involved as well.”

How can you tell if you live near a trap house?

• Is there an unusual amount of traffic at all hours of the night?
• Is there a lot of activity on the weekends and on the first and third of the month?
• Do you hear loud rap music playing from the suspected Trap House?
• Do the cars that drive up to the Trap House have big rims on their tires?
• Are cars lined up and down the street near the Trap House?
• Do people scatter when the police drive by the Trap House?

Why is there more activity at the Trap House on the first and third of the month?

“The reason is people receive Social Security (SSI) and Disability checks as well as food stamps the first and third of the month and they use the money to buy drugs or trade the food stamps for drugs,” Lisa revealed.

“I’ve been in Trap Houses with ‘Trap Queens’ and their kids were there playing in the living room like it was a regular home,” said Lisa. “The Trap House’ neighborhood was pristine. The people who lived nearby knew nothing illegal was going on.”

What are Trap Queens?

“A Trap Queen makes a living selling crack and powder cocaine to people going to the Trap House to buy drugs,” Lisa reported. “The one that I knew was actually very nice. We’ve been to Zumba class together (before I got clean). She loves cats, laughs a lot, and you’d never know by looking at her what she does.”

“It’s a bad game – the drug game. It cost me a lot. I’m clean and sober now. No more Trap Houses for me!” Lisa exclaimed.

About Lisa

Lisa is a recovering addict, who did cocaine for 26 years. We at the Cove Center for Recovery are very proud to hear that she has been clean now for nearly 100 days. Lisa initially reached out to us on Facebook after we wrote a blog on Trap Houses. We are glad she did contact us because she clarified some important points that we missed and strive to report the most accurate information to our growing community.

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