Former Flakka user speaks out

We took the chance to sit and talk with Dean a client of The Cove Recovery Center after his interview with Channel 7 News about his experience as a former flakka addict. Although he is very young in age our client has revealed knowledge and experiences to us wise beyond his years.

We discussed with Dean about his experiences with the infamous drug known for making headlines on the wild and crazy antics its users create while under its influence. Dean was able to shed some light on the street drug everyone wants to know about.

Dean and his encounters with Flakka

Dean: “I am a Flakka user.”

Scott: “How long have you been using it?”

Dean: “For about two years.”

Scott: “How did it come into your life?”

Dean: “I was dating girl who was doing it (Flakka). I decided to give it a shot and at first it was a lot of fun we had a lot of good times then it started becoming less of getting high and having a good time and more of it becoming how am I going get this next high and more of a mental obsession. It started destroying my life and taking over everything.”

Scott: How long did it take?”

Dean: “My girlfriend (now ex) and I got together in November and I was smoking in the middle of November. I had moved out of my parents house and cut them off completely for my own self by December, I didn’t start talking to them again until this year Mother’s Day.”

Scott: “How come you held back? Were you embarrassed? What was it?”

Dean: “It was more they were disappointed in me for what I was doing and I was mad at the way they were handling things, but at the time my thoughts were nowhere near logical or rational, because I was high all the time.”

Scott: “So how old are you now?”

Dean: “Twenty two.”

Scott: “Twenty two, you’re young. How do you feel about the stereotype that there are people that take it (flakka) and do crazy stuff?”

Dean: “I was never an IV user I was always a smoker. It was easier to control myself and my high than the people injecting it. Smoking it you can actually build your high up level by level, smoke by smoke where as intravenously is like going 0 to 100 real quick. The people in my opinion that I have seen (injecting Flakka) end up getting extreme paranoia, naked and all that crazy stuff you see in the news because people are injecting themselves with it at much greater quantities than they are used to doing and they just can’t handle it. I’m not trying to rationalize their favor (choice of how to do drugs).”

Scott: “No it’s good you’re bringing light to something a lot of people don’t know.”

Dean: “From a personal perspective it’s the people who are smoking it all day everyday or injecting mass quantities just because they can. They get burned out and it destroys your brain after a while.”

As the interview went we got deeper into just how dangerous flakka is as a drug and how harmful its effects are.

Scott: “So what was it like when you did it? Both when you were an addict and now.”

Dean: “Initially it came with this euphoric mind and body rush that was unparalleled by anything that I’ve ever done. Boundless amounts of energy to do things, I’d be awake for days and weeks on end with a smile on my face and not a care in the world. I was extremely happy; none of my problems seemed to matter.”

Dean: “They all just went to the back burner and were replaced by this euphoria. Towards the end of it I wasn’t getting the euphoric rush anymore I was just smoking it to maintain the fact that I hadn’t slept in like three weeks. I knew if I went to sleep I would be out for almost a week. It became a maintenance thing or like a chore. It took over my mind to the point where I was so mentally obsessed with chasing down and finding my next high that nothing else mattered. I lost jobs, ruined friendships, I didn’t talk to my parents for almost a year and all that time seemed to just fly by while I was high.”

Flakka Treatment

Through flakka addiction treatment at The Cove Center for Recovery Dean was able to successfully overcome his addiction. With our individualized treatment process Dean is now able to regain his life and continue living a sober lifestyle. He was provided tools for coping, relaxing and proper communication. These skills are a part of what will ensure his sober lifestyle. The Cove Center for Recovery treats not only flakka addicts; we help those suffering from drug, alcohol and mental issues.

Watch part one of the interview about Dean’s experience here:

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