In Paris, a nonprofit organization called the Addict Aide came up with a brilliant campaign to spread awareness among its younger demographic.

The campaign created by Addict Aide to bring to light that alcohol abuse among young adults is not always apparent. The campaign took to the popular social media platform Instagram to communicate their message. However, this message is different from the conventional PSA we have come to know. The message took place at the very heart of the young tech savvy millennial culture.

alcohol abuse

One of the many photos from the Louise Delage Instagram.

Introducing Louise Delage

louise alcohol abuse

More than half of Louise’s posts featured her and alcohol.

Aimed at a very detailed demographic Addict Aide introduced twenty-five-year-old Parisian Louise Delage. Over the span of one month, Delage was able to gain nearly 65,000 followers. Her carefully curated Instagram profile featured photos of her hanging out with her friends, eating at restaurants, and enjoying luxurious outdoor activities. On first glance, the Instagram story left an impression that she is just another carefree, happy go lucky, millennial. Within the first few weeks, her photos were showered with likes and comments.

However, Louise’s followers were caught by surprise a month later after they learned the true meaning of the collage. More than half of the pictures posted by Louise featured alcohol. Whether it was wine, champagne, or a beer alcohol was a discreet yet focal part of her posts. This brought to issue the point that someone with an alcohol abuse disorder is not always easy to detect.

The video has since been shared all over the internet and has been taking the world by storm. With over 160,000 views on Instagram and over 1,000 comments. Louise is changing the conversation about alcohol abuse among young adults.

Check out Louise’s video here:

The Like My Addiction Instagram campaign raises awareness among young adults about just how little we pay attention to those struggling with alcoholism.


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