A few weeks ago, the Dr. Phil Show taped one of its most cutting-edge and entertaining episodes. This says a lot for the Emmy Award number one rated day time talk-show – now in its 14th season.

And guess who was on this ground breaking episode. None other than Karen Corcoran Walsh and Chris Walsh. They are the owners of both Inspirations for Youth and Families teen behavioral center and the Cove Center for Recovery adult substance abuse and mental health facility.

Dr. James Hughes, CEO of both dual diagnosis addiction treatment centers was also on hand. It was a reunion for the trio on the most popular Dr. Phil Dangerous Fads Huffingday-time show. They were previous guests on one of Dr. Phil’s most popular episodes: Dangerous Fads: Huffing. In fact, after seven-years since the broadcast it still airs on the network.

What was the Dr. Phil show about?

Unfortunately, because the Dr. Phil episode has not aired yet, we can’t tell you specific details about the program. But we can tell you the basic theme of the episode.

Karen and Chris Walsh in the Dr. Phil Green Room

Karen and Chris Walsh in the Dr. Phil Green Room

In this specific episode, Dr. Phil attempts to perform a live intervention on a thirtysomething female with a severe addiction. Her mom and sister are guests on the show as well as Karen Corcoran Walsh, Chris Walsh and Dr. James Hughes.

Dr. Phil speaks with the family, provides clinical addiction treatment insight, and finally seeks further advice from Corcoran-Walsh and Dr. Hughes, who are sitting in the front row of the studio.

The plan is to have the Cove Center for Recovery take the person suffering from the substance abuse disorder back to their behavioral health facility for extensive addiction and mental health treatment.

Dr. Phil also debuted Virtual Realty Technology

And if all the other activity on the show were not enough, Dr. Phil unveiled industry changing Virtual Reality technology geared specifically for the addiction treatment profession as an encore.

Stay Tuned for Cove Center Station Identification

When we learn the actual time, channel, and day Dr. Phil’s dramatic show will be aired, you will be the first to know.

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