If your addicted loved one has been hesitant to go into treatment, an intervention may help them realize the importance of rehab. An intervention is a safe process in which your addicted loved one is transported from home to an effective treatment center.

Four Steps of the Intervention Process

1. Pre-Intervention

During the pre-intervention step, concerned family and loved ones come together to discuss how they can help their addicted loved one get sober. This is the time where an Interventionist is contacted and your concerns are properly dealt with.

2. Intervention Preparation

During intervention preparation, loved ones recall the painful memories of the chaos caused by addiction. Loved ones may also write letters to their addicted loved ones detailing their support and emotions through this difficult process. During this step, family members are also responsible for packing their addicted loved one’s travelling bag for rehab.

3. Intervention

During this step, the Interventionist will calmly and respectfully tell your addicted loved one about going to rehab. Participating family and friends will also have the opportunity to read their letters aloud. Communication during this time needs to be caring and gentle to avoid dangerous altercations.

4. Post-Intervention

After your loved one leaves with the interventionist to a treatment facility, the family can discuss their feelings. Once in rehab, an intervention team member will contact you with the next steps in your loved one’s recovery process.


Successful interventions mainly depend on the addict’s family and friends’ support. With the help of a trained intervention team and supporting family, your loved one will be on his or her way to recovery.

The Cove Center provides effective drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs to those who are struggling with the problems associated with drug and/or alcohol addiction in a safe, caring environment. If you or a loved one need help to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, please call (855) – 857 – 2734. No one deserves to fight addiction alone.

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