Former Bal Harbour Mayor talks to teens about his Crack Addiction Recovery

Daniel Tantleff, the mayor of Bal Harbour Miami in 2003 – talks about his recovery from Crack Addiction. Tantleff is 22 months sober after receiving treatment at the Cove Center for Recovery. And he recently spoke at Inspirations for Youth and Families teen drug rehab. Tantleff’s underlying message to the teens in recovery was their actions have consequences later on in life.

Famous U.S. Senator big influence in Tantleff’s early Career Success

During his speech to the teens, Tantleff reflects on his life after his parents decision to move him to college in Florida. His mom and dad were intent on getting him away from his troubled teen life in Howard Beach, Queens. After a change in scenery Tantleff’s life went on an upward path. The former mayor of the upscale village of Bal Harbour in Miami got in with the wrong crowd while growing up in New York.

“My life was going great when I moved out of my environment in New York with bad influences. And I picked myself up in South Florida. Additionally, I was mentored by some highly successful people,” said Tantleff. “Of course, Bob Graham, a U.S. senator, was on the top of the list.”

“And I actually had the opportunity to work for him. In addition, my other mentors got me on the right track. So everything was going as planned in my life. And to further accentuate the positive in my life, I had a couple of kids.”

Economic Crisis leads to Crack Addiction

After the real estate market started collapsing in 2008, Tantleff’s life started collapsing as well. And he began to drink and do drugs day and night. Tantleff’s steady decline continued in 2012. That’s when his arrest for a DUI set him in a downward spiral. And a second DUI followed in 2013.

For Tantleff, his trouble didn’t end there. Another arrest ensued in 2014. Only this time it was for driving with a suspended license.

Fortunately for Tantleff, the charges were dropped after completing drug court. But his troubles didn’t end there. Next, he received a public admonishment from the Florida Bar as well as a 91-day suspension.

Tantleff reached his lowest Point in 2015

“By 2015, I was doing drugs night and day. I dropped off the planet, threw out my cell phone and didn’t see my three kids who lived 10 minutes from me for eight months. I was too busy smoking crack and taking pills and drinking alcohol every day.”

The Cove turned my Life around

On December 11, 2015 – the day Tantleff entered the Cove Center for Recovery – his life changed in a very profound way. Since being discharged from the Cove, Tantleff has maintained his sobriety for 22 months. And he is actively attending AA meetings. But most importantly, Tantleff has restored his relationship with his family. And he is taking one day at a time.

“I entered the Cove Center for Recovery a broken human being,” said Tantleff. “Every aspect of my life was destroyed. I spent the next 30 days at the Cove learning to forgive myself, live life on life’s terms, understand addiction, and fully comprehend how to live life without the dependence on drugs and alcohol.”

How is life today for Daniel Tantleff?

Now I am clean and sober, living in New York City since December 2015. And I moved to the city to work as a construction manager and start my life over again.

In 2015, all hope was erased from my life. Today, my life abounds with hope. And the initial glimmers of hope that I received at the Cove have grown to beams of hope.

Despite my Drug Addiction, I am still a Proud Man

“I am proud of my accomplishments, including being the youngest Councilman, Assistant Mayor, and Mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida,” said Tantleff. “However, my life is far from perfect. Every day, I wake up each morning and go to sleep each night using all the tools that I learned at the Cove. Those important lessons that I learned enabled me to live an amazing sober life – one day at a time.”

Tantleff may not be the mayor of a glitzy township anymore where his actions impacted the lives of thousands of people. Now he is content with having control of one person – himself. And the way Tantleff’s life is blossoming – he wouldn’t have it any other way.


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