Adult Addiction and Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence Survivors Program (DOVS)

The Cove Center for Recovery understands that one of the root causes of drug and alcohol addictions are as diverse as the people who suffer from them. Domestic violence is one underlying cause of addiction that sometimes leads survivors to seek treatment at addiction and domestic violence treatment centers.

Addiction and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence impact people in all demographic groups. However, statistics compiled by the EVE Foundation indicate victims are disproportionately female. One reason for this could be that men are less likely to report acts of domestic violence or sexual abuse committed against them. Regardless of the gender, race or nationality of the victim, the trauma suffered can do long-lasting psychological harm.

Victims may suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger and feelings of suicide as a result of this type of abuse. Some domestic abuse survivors may self-medicate with drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping those feelings and memories. Unfortunately, the misuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction.

The DOVS Three Point Program involves:

Prevent: Teaching the skills to allow you to see the warning signs before – in order to prevent domestic abuse from occurring in the first place. Once it becomes a way of life it is very difficult to escape

Protect: Finding havens for victims to remain safe after successfully leaving their domestic abuse perpetrator such as the American Red Cross of Battered Women as well as joining support groups.

Report: Learning who and how to report domestic abuse.

Individualized program

The Cove Center for Recovery understands that domestic abuse comes in many shapes and forms. There are those cases where there is not physical abuse, but mental abuse. In other instances victims stay with the perpetrator out of financial need. There are those that fear that their loved ones and friends are at risk. And domestic abuse does not always involve a male abusing a female. There are plenty of cases where the opposite occurs. This is why DOVS offers a highly individualized program.

It’s important that people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction seek help as soon as possible. If domestic violence is at the heart of the addiction, participating in a treatment program at the Cove Center for Recovery can be very beneficial and life saving.

Addressing the underlying issues fueling an addiction to drugs and alcohol resulting from domestic abuse can increase your chances of staying clean and sober for life. Your first step is to pick up the phone and call our helpline. They are experienced in assisting people suffering from these issues. The call center is always open, so you can call any time of the day or night.