Drug and Alcohol Detox

Our detox program’s vision is for our clients to become healthy and return to their daily life as soon as possible by allowing them to complete their entire recovery plan.


Our detox has two goals:

  • One for detox only and to transition out into private therapy or an outpatient program.
  • The second is to detox and then transition into a residential addiction treatment program.

Our detox program is both a medical model based and solution oriented. We have a holistic component in that we provide vitamins and a holistic non-narcotics therapeutic approach.

Sometimes the detox process will involve medical model approaches where medication is required to detox, however, we do have people who come in that prefer a non-narcotic, completely holistic approach meaning acupuncture, aromatherapy and other modalities. So we are open to helping each on an individual basis to meet their goals.


The Cove Center for Recovery Professional Detox Program

The Cove Center for Recovery professional detox program allows clients in the workforce to preserve the necessary communication channels with their employers throughout their stay at our facility.

The Cove Center for Recovery University/Student Detox Program

The Cove Center for Recovery University/Student Detox Program operates under the premise that allows university students to maintain their college education while getting better at the same time.

The Cove Center for Recovery Individual and Families Detox Program

At the Cove’s Individual and Families Detox Program, individuals and families are the focal point of our detox program.