Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Intensive Outpatient Drug Addiction Rehab Programs typically occur in a private therapeutic environment, with a group of clients who are working on a similar focus. The typical number of therapeutic sessions is 3 times per week totaling 9-12 hours per week. Intensive Outpatient is a step-down program used as aftercare upon completion of a residential addiction rehab program.

Intensive Outpatient Services

Group therapy
Individual Counseling
Family therapy

Outpatient Drug Addiction Rehab programs include a variety of approaches for clients who seek therapeutic interventions in a private therapy setting. Outpatient addiction treatment allows a client to maintain their typical daily schedule while seeking therapeutic assistance in resolving interpersonal conflicts and addiction treatment. The typical duration of a therapeutic session is 1 hour per week. A primary format for outpatient therapy is individual, group, or family therapy. Outpatient therapy is typically ineffective during the initial stages of treatment and is more effective as an aftercare plan, once residential treatment is completed.