Men’s Rehab Program

The Cove Center for Recovery Men’s Residential Rehab

The Cove Center for Recovery provides a men’s rehab program for drug abuse treatment behavior therapy, in a nurturing and therapeutic environment. The Cove’s Treatment Program provides opportunities for men to share their experiences in gender specific therapeutic groups, where each person can process male issues, experiences, and perceptions relative to their life. The number of men using or abusing drugs and alcohol is equal to women’s drug use and drug abuse.

The Cove Men’s Rehab program also provides a gender specific High School Education. In providing gender specific education, the Cove has witnessed an increase in men’s ability to focus on academic studies, once female attention or distraction is removed. Although it is necessary for men and women to learn to interact appropriately with each other, The Cove Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab limits their involvement to specific activities, which are monitored and structured.

The Cove Men’s Rehab for boys also provides tutoring, allowing individuals to improve in academic areas in which they show signs of struggle. The Cove Recovery Center for Recovery also provides “Online” education for additional program and academic opportunities, including SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) preparation and early college course classes.

Studies have shown that men typically use and abuse different types of drugs than women. Men will tend to use marijuana and escalate to illegal drugs and binge drink. Women will typically use illicit (prescription) drugs. However, males and females had similar rates of past month (February 2008) non-medical use (abuse) of psychotherapeutic drugs (2.6 and 2.4 percent, respectively), pain relievers (2.0 and 1.8 percent), tranquilizers (0.7 and 0.8 percent), stimulants (0.4 percent for both), methamphetamine (0.1 percent for both), and sedatives (0.1 percent for both). Men are more likely to exceed Women’s drug abuse in many categories. These statistics are located on the web:

At the Cove Recovery Center, everyone is provided the time and opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit, focusing on goals and the psychological tools and life tools needed to reach his goals.