Residential Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Residential Drug Alcohol Abuse Addiction Rehab Programs are very effective, regardless of the severity of drug and alcohol addiction. The Cove Center for Recovery – Drug Addiction Treatment Center is a structured program in which clients participate in drug addiction treatment and reside with the treatment center for a minimum of 30 to 45 days. All medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic needs are met during the residential addiction treatment program. A core component of a good residential treatment program is one that provides an opportunity for the treatment staff and the client to work together to co-create an individual treatment plan and a solution minded approach to a successful recovery life.

Another important component of a good residential drug addiction rehab program exposes the client to the environment outside of the addiction treatment center, during the treatment process, allowing the client to process the stressors, triggers, and strengths of the world while still in the protection and structure of a therapeutic environment. Activities such as bowling, movies, museums, shopping, and other outings are a good opportunity to process tools learned in treatment. Relapse prevention education, focusing on identifying triggers to addiction are one of the building blocks of a good residential treatment program. Individual, group, and family therapy are primary therapeutic focuses.

The Cove Center for Recovery is a treatment center that focuses on clients who have substance abuse, mental health, dual diagnosis, and other related issues, while offering a wide range of treatment modalities. We offer an extended 24-hour structured living mode, a partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient services, as well as individual therapy and aftercare. Length of stay is determined on an individual basis, based on the client’s clinical, legal and medical needs. Financial arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis, in our attempt to provide affordable treatment.