Sober Living Facility

Cove Sober Living Facility

The Cove Center for Recovery is now offering the Cove Sober Living Facility as the next step for those who have successfully completed drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation.


What Do We offer?

The Cove Sober Living House is fully furnished and offers Wi-Fi access, a flat-screen cable TV, DVD player, and a paid LA Fitness gym membership.

Transportation is provided to nightly meetings, laundry facilities, the beach, parks, weekly activities, and other events. The Cove Sober Living House is perfect for those who are looking for a structured environment, inexpensive weekly rent, and a support team to help them stay clean and sober.

Our Goal

At the Cove Sober Living House, we will teach you the life skills you need to stay successful in your recovery journey!  We will also teach you how to budget your money and how to prevent a relapse when you enter “the real world”.

The Cove Sober Living House is a great opportunity for those who want the independence of living on their own, with a supportive team in place to make sure they stay healthy and sober.

Also, living at the Cove House means you will get to participate in all the same fun activities as clients who are getting treatment at the Cove Center for Recovery. You will also be able to continue your outpatient treatment at the Cove Center for Recovery.


Upon signing a contract, you will be required to find a job and a sponsor within two weeks. You will also be required to attend nightly AA or NA meetings. We can help you meet all of these requirements.

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity! Let us help you achieve the next step on your addiction recovery journey. Call us today!