Aromatherapy Treatment for Adult Addiction Recovery

Being in a field of flowers is similar to aromatherapy.

A new form of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is getting a lot of attention for its use in many areas such as improving mood levels, reduces stress and lessening withdrawal symptoms for adult addiction recovery. Although it’s gaining traction now, aromatherapy has been in use since the 1900’s and was mainly practiced in Europe. The experience of aromatherapy can be compared to diving into a sea of flowers.

Aromatherapy Treatment benefits for Adult Addiction Recovery:
• Improving Mood
• Reducing Stress
• Lessening withdrawal symptoms

Improves Mood-levels

Aromatherapy today is classified as a type of holistic medicine. It involves the use of various aromatic ingredients in order to produce a fragrance that is believed to benefit the spiritual and mental health. Lemon oil is a great oil that is commonly used to enhance moods and provide energy.

Reduces Stress

For people in the early stages of recovery whom find adjusting to their new life a bit overwhelming at times the use of aromatherapy in treatment helps patients control their stress. Lavender oil is known as the oil of peace, it’s generally used to reduce stress and help people become calm. For our patients this helps greatly reduce the “fuzzy brain” feeling most people encounter within their first year of recovery.

Lessens withdrawal symptoms

Every journey to wellness comes after a period of withdrawal. For those in recovery, some common symptoms are nausea, dizziness and mild headaches. Aromatherapy oils have been used in a variety of ways to help cope with withdrawal. This use of peppermint alleviates minor body discomfort and other common withdrawal symptoms common in the withdrawal stages.

At the Cove Center for Recovery aromatherapy is used as an adjunct method during the recovery process. The withdrawal period may be one of the most difficult stages in recovery, to ensure the most comfortable transition to sobriety. We now offer this as a treatment option for our patients in recovery.