A Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Adult Addiction Recovery

Here at the Cove Center of Recovery we believe in providing comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation to people in addiction recovery. Our programs include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to ensure a healthier and positive lifestyle.

How it works?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of self-reflection therapy used in the early stages of recovery. People may experience conflict, legal issues and abandonment of friends and family due to their addiction, this leads to negative thoughts and behaviors.  CBT helps adults become aware of triggers, craving and fosters skills for coping in a positive way. These skills are used during and after the treatment period to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Therapeutic Techniques

Adults in addiction recovery are taught these skills through role-playing  and visualization activities. These activities cultivate a safe and sense of being cared for environment; this encourages a positive mindset and self-worth.

Benefits to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy stimulates healthier thoughts and actions that immediately improves the likelihood of adults in addiction recovery to remain in treatment. CBT also decreases self-harm, relapses, stress and anxiety. People who participate in CBT feel less overwhelmed and more insightful to the issues that cause negative thinking and maladaptive patterns.