Group Therapy

What is Drug Rehab Group Therapy?

It is a form of psychotherapy where a group of clients meet to describe and discuss their problems together under the supervision of a therapist. Groups can also be lead by one or more therapists with approximately five to ten clients in a group. These groups are usually designed to target a specific problem such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Within this group the members may discuss helping each other deal with a scope of issues that include shyness, loneliness, and self-esteem. Joining a group is another great way to improve one’s social skills.


Group therapy may sound scary at first but it actually has a variety of benefits you may not receive from individual therapy alone.

Provides support

Through group sessions you meet other individuals with the same struggles and difficulties as you do. Whether they are experiencing them now or have in the past your members understand what it is like to live the way you do. This will help you to form a bond among yourselves to understand and help each other.

Teaches you how to effectively communicate with others

During a group session it is vital that you express yourself and in most often in a way that effectively gets your point across. Many people lack these skills and through group therapy you can grow this skill. By speaking out about your issues you learn methods and forms of communication to effectively share with others.

Teaches you how to listen to others

Another key component of group therapy is to listen. During your sessions you will be listening to others share their emotions and will learn the most effective way interpret and share positive feedback. This also helps you to put your own problems into perspective.

Promotes diversity

In your drug rehab group therapy you may notice no two members are the same. You may all be dealing with similar disorders but this may affect each person differently. In a group you are able to see the struggles of contrasting people you begin to look at how you manage or deal with your issues differently.

How do we use group therapy?

At The Cove Center for Recovery we use group therapy to help our clients learn strategies for managing specific problems. By incorporating different people from all walks of life we hope to teach our clients to look at their problems differently.