Individual Therapy

What is Individual Therapy?

The process of clients and therapists working together in a one-on-one, safe, caring and confidential environment. These sessions often explore feelings, beliefs, behaviors and works through challenging or influential memories.


Individual Therapy is one of the most common forms of therapy. You can expect to gain a lot of knowledge and help from seeking individual therapy during your addiction treatment.

Develop new perspectives

During your individual sessions you and your therapist will can work together to discover healthy ways you can approach your problems differently. You will gain insights on how to free yourself from self-criticism, anxiety or depression. In individual therapy you get the full attention and time of your therapist to help you harness your coping skills.

Work through past issues

By working through their past most addicts curb their addiction to drugs and alcohol. You will address the issues where most drug abuse stems from. Our clients learn to understand why and how to prevent their addictive habits. Addressing past issues also helps to improve your existing personal relationships as well as how to make new and positive ones.

Deal with addictive behaviors

Through individual therapy our clients are taught coping skills and techniques that they can use even after leaving treatment. These new skills will be essential tools necessary for their success during recovery. This also gives you the opportunity to identify what triggers your addiction. With this you will be able to know who,what or where compels you to use in order to avoid falling into relapse.

How do we use individual therapy?

At The Cove Center for Recovery we use individual therapy to help our clients learn strategies for managing specific problems. By working one-on-one with a therapist you can learn to look at your problems differently. We aim to help our clients overcome their addiction behavior and form new habits.