Pet Therapy Drug Rehab

Typically animals are only seen as friends and companions to humans. Their presence brings about loyal and long lasting relationships.  However, besides being an incredible friend pets bring about a wide range of other possibilities. For example, those in recovery see animals not only as friends but an aide in their recovery through a dedicated pet therapy drug rehab program.

The Cove Center for Recovery believes in the use of all forms of therapy because treatment is not a one size fits all cure. Among our diverse forms of alternative therapies, the Cove believes the use of pet therapy helps clients show great improvement.

What is Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is the use of animals usually domestic to recover or cope with a problem. This can be accomplished through a guided interaction with the client, an animal, and a therapist. The most common animals in pet therapy are dogs and cats. However guinea pigs, fish or horses are some other animals known to be helpful in a treatment plan.

Benefits of Pet Therapy Drug Rehab

Increasing Endorphins- The feel good hormones the brain creates are endorphins. Through this hormone, we can experience pleasure and joy. Pet assisted therapy is often used for those going through detox. The transition that takes place within the body is often uncomfortable with symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Through pet therapy, many of these symptoms are relieved and make the transition easier.

Decreases Stress and Anxiety- With the boost of endorphins, many clients report feeling less stressed. While stress and anxiety are normal parts of everyday life they are also overwhelming and can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. A simple pet assisted therapy session can go a long way in helping ease these feelings.

Reducing Hostile Emotions- Another great thing about pets in therapy is their ability to reduce hostile emotions. As clients become less stressed and happier during a session they also reduce their thoughts of hostility. Pets in therapy are a great way to calm the mind and let go of negativity and anger. which block judgment. In fact, clients who opt for pet therapy often learn patience, empathy, and self-empowerment.