Willingly undergoing treatment for an addiction at a mature age is not seen very often. Most addicts have succumbed to the their deepest mental issues and believe that seeking help is hopeless especially due to their age. Some addicts even go as far as to turn a blind eye to the damages of their addiction because they have lived this destructive lifestyle for such a long time.

Defying all the stigma, misconceptions and misinformation regarding recovery is our rehab at 40 client Arron. After a brief relapse that began when he was receiving treatment for his abscess surgeries Arron sought to live a sober life again.

Arron began his search for the perfect treatment center to meet his very specific needs. After his research Arron was sold on The Cove Center for Recovery because of our dual diagnosis treatment and low patient to therapist ratio.

Watch Arron’s third week here:

Nearing the end of treatment:

As we approach Arron’s discharge date he informs us that his therapy sessions have been going extremely well. He is currently preparing to transition from residential to outpatient care. In recovery a residential patient is a client that resides at a facility while undergoing treatment on a daily basis. Meanwhile in outpatient a client has either returned home or is staying at a halfway or sober house and receives treatment on a weekly basis.

The outpatient program allows clients to slowly transition back into their everyday life while sober. At the Cove outpatient clients still have access to the same level of treatment and therapy, the only difference is how often they attend their sessions. This period is where our clients put into action all the coping skills and other methods or tools they have learned during their residential stay.

This week for Arron has been extremely well, he has been able to address some the trauma in his life and is very thankful for both the group and individual sessions. By successfully tackling his past trauma or experiences Arron’s growth is proof that his residential treatment has been a success. While here he has even developed a mentoring relationship with other clients, he offers advice and shares his experiences hoping to aid in their recovery journey.

Despite his mature age Arron shows that recovery is possible for anyone no matter the gender, race or age.

Stay tuned for our next investigative report on Rehab at 40!

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