Receiving addiction treatment at a mature age may seem like a long shot to most, but not to The Cove Center for Recovery. While many treatment centers treat all clients the same with one size fits all treatment plans, The Cove strives to create individualized treatment plans unique to each patient.

For our mature clients we focus their dual diagnosis treatment on helping them overcome past issues, trauma and other mental disorders. By addressing these issues first the client will no longer have a mental dependence for using drugs or alcohol. We can then teach them coping skills and how to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Our newest patient at The Cove volunteered to have his journey through recovery filmed at the end of each week to document his progress, changes and how he is handling a sober life. Arron is undergoing treatment at our rehab during his forties and this is his story.

Watch Arron’s second week here.

Week 2: Dealing with others

As Arron shared in the video that a pivotal point of living a sober life is how well you deal with others. In addition, to individual therapy Arron also takes part in group therapy. The dynamic of every group is different and it is important for our clients to experience these many varied or even conflicting client personalities before venturing back to their everyday life.

Arron’s major hurdle for this week is how to handle conflicts or disagreements with others in the proper manner. Through his one-on-one sessions, group therapy, group outings and meetings he is able to meet a lot of differing people and gain experience resolving issues as they arise.

Another obstacle this week for Arron has been how to deal with his family being far away and also being unable to interact with them as much as possible. For many addicts being away from their source of support helps them to build independence and appreciate what it means to be or have a family. Addicts at some point unwillingly hurt those closest to them and often have strained family relationships.

The Cove also conducts family sessions on a weekly basis to help rebuild the trust and relationship between our clients and their families. We understand how much the help of a family or even just knowing that someone else has your best interest at heart can do wonders for your recovery. Restoring family relations helps our clients to understand they are not alone and to remember there is always someone they can ask for help when needed.

Stay tuned for our next investigative report on Rehab at 40!

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