Reiki Therapy for the Recovering Drug Addict or Alcoholic

Before going to the Cove Center for Recovery addiction treatment center to report on its Reiki therapy program, I must admit that I held preconceived notions about what Reiki is and who it is primarily used for as far as healing people. My limited knowledge of Reiki had me believe that it is used to stimulate physical healing and promote relaxation for people suffering from physical ailments like arthritis, cancer, or ulcers. But I could not grasp the theory that there is a place for it in the treatment of people in recovery.

After watching a Cove client go through a Reiki session, I now stand corrected. The before and after appearance of the person receiving Reiki was dramatic. Prior to the therapy; the client was fidgety and did not seem comfortable and after the session, he looked like an entirely different person – relaxed and at peace with himself.

It is widely known in the recovery profession that withdrawal from substance abuse is extremely stressful and it negatively impacts a person on both a physical and emotional level. Clients at the Cove often experience symptoms like muscle pain, bone aches, headaches, vomiting, the shakes, diarrhea, cravings, sleep disorders, loss of appetite and extreme moodiness. I now hold the opinion that Reiki can be helpful in relieving the physical symptoms, and in easing the body and mind.

Watch how Reiki Therapy works for People in Recovery

While many dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment centers put all their eggs in one basket by offering only the 12-steps program, the Cove Center for Recovery provides it’s clients with a wide variety of alternative treatments including Reiki therapy.

“The 12-step alcohol and drug recovery program has proven to help and save so many client’s lives at the Cove Center for Recovery through the years,” said Karen Corcoran-Walsh, owner of the Cove. “But each person that enters our addiction treatment center has a unique addiction or mental behavioral issue and that’s why we offer alternative treatment like Reiki as well.”

Corcoran-Walsh added: “What works for one individual may not be the case for another and we want to ensure that we provide the most highly-individualized treatment for each client.”

“It puts you in a state of clarity. I was not expecting this type of treatment before I came to the Cove.”

A.J. a Client from the Cove who just completed a Reiki session

Each week the Cove provides Reiki therapy. One of the leading Reiki masters, Vishal Subhit, who owns Sustained by Reiki, performs the therapy. Subhit is a certified Reiki master.

Additional Alternative Therapy Sessions at the Cove include:

  • Sound healing
  • Crystal therapy
  • Aroma therapy
  • Guided meditations
  • Distance Reiki meditations

This integrative approach creates a true body, mind, spirit connection which helps shift stuck emotions, aiding in the healing of trauma and suffering on all levels and assisting in freeing each client from limitations.

“I regard my involvement with the Cove as a privilege to be able to share with others the wonderful system of healing and consciousness through Reiki therapy,” said Subhit.

What do the Cove’ Clients think about Reiki Therapy?

We interviewed one client immediately after he finished a session and here is what he had to say:

“It just makes you feel like you are in a different state of mind,” said A.J., a client at the Cove, who just finished a Reiki treatment session. “It puts you in a state of clarity. I was not expecting this type of treatment before I came to the Cove.”

A.J. added: “All that troubles you have disappear when the session is completed.”

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