Having a relapse after a period of sobriety may leave an addict feeling sad, confused and scared for the future. While relapse doesn’t help recovery, they are only setbacks; not failures. Here are a few ways addicts can get back sober after a relapse.

4 ways to get sober after a relapse


1. Forgive Yourself

After a relapse, sad and disappointing feelings are common after relapse but do not help the recovery process in the long run. You are only human and humans make mistakes. Feeling bad for yourself only encourages more relapses. Admitting and accepting your fault is the first step to forgiving yourself after a relapse.

2. Take Time for Self-Reflection

Although elapses are rarely random occurrences. It is important for addicts to reflect on what may have caused them to relapse. Common reasons for relapse include: emotional triggers, stress, unrealistic expectations, reconnecting with old bad influences, etc. Learning what encourages drug use will prevent other relapses in the future. 

3. Make Vital Changes

After taking time reflect on why you relapsed, make the necessary changes to prevent another relapse from happening. If your relapse was caused by putting yourself in negative environments, make sure to avoid going to places where you used drugs before recovery.

4. Get Back in Treatment

Fighting addiction alone is not easy. After a relapse, it is best to surround yourself with people pushing toward recovery in AA and NA meetings. If your relapses happen more often than not, getting back into treatment in rehab is necessary to get back sober.

The Cove Center provides effective drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs to those who are struggling with the problems associated with drug and/or alcohol addiction in a safe, caring environment. If you or a loved one need help to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, please call (855) – 857 – 2734. No one deserves to fight addiction alone.

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