Sober Living now on College Campuses

Today I had an opportunity to tour the University of Southern California (USC) campus. Here, I checked out a recovery program they have implemented within the school. And this one offers a sober living community. Also a chance to continue education and learn how to stay sober on a college campus.

I’m so glad to see that more schools are doing this. By welcoming their students into their programs go a long way instead of turning the other way. More often than not, young adults first experimentation with drugs and alcohol is in college. It is often their first time away from home. And they are venturing into a new environment that represents the unknown for them.

For some incoming freshman college students loneliness quickly sets in as perhaps for the first time they do not know anyone or have any friends. This radical transition in their life can drive many teens to drink alcohol or experiment with drugs. Other students may not suffer from loneliness, but they can easily be peer pressured into trying drugs or alcohol to fit in. This initial drug or alcohol use can spiral out-of-control and become a full-fledged addiction.

There clearly needs to be more education and resources for college students suffering from a substance abuse disorder. It looks like the USC campus is onto something by providing sober housing and counseling at the collegiate level.

The Out-of-State Rehab Option

But as a caveat, anyone seeking recovery whether you are a college student, teen, or adult, should consider an out-of-state drug rehab like the Cove Center for Recovery first to get away from the people who got you into a drug or alcohol problem.

Kudos to USC!!

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