Adderall is quickly becoming the go-to drug for those who want instant concentration and focus in a pill. The drug is prescribed for those who suffer from ADHD or narcolepsy. Its side effects include feelings of energy and improved concentration. College students and high school students have already been abusing the drug to help them with their school work. However, there is a new segment of the population which may be at risk for Adderall abuse. More and more mothers are using Adderall because it helps them have enough energy to clean the house, take care of the children, and be “supermom”.

According to this article, one mom started taking her child’s Adderall because she felt so much pressure to be “perfect”. Betsy Degree grew up with a very neat, organized mother who made amazing dinners every night. Her mother was a natural homemaker. However, Degree quickly realized that being a homemaker didn’t come naturally for her. She stole an Adderall pill from one of her children who has a prescription for the drug. Degree was hooked almost immediately. She says, “’I was able to get all the stuff done around the house. I was able to cook the dinner and have everything perfect.”

Why are so many moms falling victim to Adderall abuse and addiction? Women are using the drug to keep up with the demands of running a household and maintaining a career while others use the drug to lose weight. However, Adderall addiction is not without serious consequences. After failing to obtain more Adderall pills, Betsy Degree started using methamphetamine. She lost her business and she almost lost her children because of her drug addiction.

According to this article, there has been a 750% increase in Adderall prescriptions for women between the ages of 26 and 39. The enormous increase is most likely due to mothers seeking out the modern day “mother’s little helper”.  All drugs, including Adderall, have serious consequences for those who abuse them. Side effects of Adderall use include feeling of euphoria, focus, and concentration. However, users may feel irritable, depressed, and tired when they come down off the drug. Long-term abuse of the drug can lead to psychological dependence, paranoia, cardiovascular issues, and even stroke.

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