In the US alone there are over 17 cases of Pink overdoses in April of 2016 alone. By September of this year, at least 15 fatalities were confirmed to be caused by U-47700. In both Ohio and Florida Pinky was placed on an emergency schedule. All while it is being proposed as an official Schedule I drug.

By September of this year, at least 15 fatalities were confirmed to be caused by Pink 

-Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

In the truly digital age where drugs can now be bought and sold, online another drug has become all the rage. Among the many Reddit posts, quite a few have become astoundingly popular for describing the effects of the drug popularly dubbed as Pink. In fact, since its rediscovery, it has become increasingly popular among young adults and recovering addicts.

What is Pink?

Known to the streets at pink or even pinky the opioid analgesic drug named U-47700 has come a long way. U-47700 was developed by a team at Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in the 1970s. Additionally, it has around seven times the potency as morphine in animal models. This drug was never tested on humans, however, it was expected to produce the same effects as other opiate analgesic drugs such as morphine.

What do we know

Although, very little is known about U-47700 what we do is legal in most states. Users purchase Pink from online sources and it is delivered to their homes.

The effects of Pink

Even though Pink was never tested on human subjects we do have some information on its effects. Created in mind to be a form of anesthetic this drug has very similar properties to many other opiates.

  • Sedation
  • Euphoria
  • Constipation
  • Itching
  • Respiratory Depression

Overall Pink is a very strong drug but too little is known about its effects and all users should exhibit extreme caution. Although, Pink may be legal for the time being in some areas but that doesn’t take way how dangerous it can be.

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