Addicts suffer from extreme cravings for their drug of choice. Some addicts must get their drug or risk going through withdrawal symptoms. Families and friends of addicts may host an intervention for an addict who doesn’t believe that he or she needs treatment. There are many proven, successful intervention techniques that therapists or counselors can use when conducting the intervention. Some of these techniques are also helpful following an intervention or rehab.

One of these counseling methods is known as the hunger illusion. This technique is described in detail in this post in Psychology Today. This intervention practice was developed by noted psychologist and author Dr. George Weinberg, who believed that people seek therapy to figure out why they do certain things.

According to the article, the first step of the technique consists of the counselor asking the subject to identify a moment when they tend to act automatically. Then, the subject thinks about stopping that action and the therapist asks what kind of thoughts and feelings come up. The hunger illusion counseling technique is best used for addicts who say they can’t do or cannot go without doing a particular thing. For example, someone who sees their friends randomly going into a bar might think they have to go to the bar or else their friends will not think they’re being part of the group. The person is an alcoholic, so they must realize that they can’t automatically follow their friends into the bar because the temptation is too great.

The hunger illusion method can show the subject what they are really afraid of and how they can conquer this fear. The method translates easily into everyday life, because the hunger illusion technique teaches addicts to analyze their cravings and what may be causing the craving. This is very useful following treatment because addicts will be faced with temptations in daily life. The hunger illusion counseling method is very introspective but it allows all people to confront their addiction and cravings in a healthy way.

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