Self Injury Treatment

For our clients suffering from self injury we have a skilled team of professionals whom create a custom treatment plan designed with the best treatment possible. These plans range from participating in behavioral therapy to psychotherapy. Our plans are also designed to foster healthier life choices by providing real world coping skills to use upon discharge.

What is self injury?

Willingly injuring one’s body through various methods is known as self injury, self harm, or self mutilation. This disorder can lead to tissue damage, scars, or marks. Self harm can be characterized as the following: cutting, burning, bone breaking, hitting, and  head banging.

What leads to this disorder?

Those who participate in self injury do so as a form of rebellion and as a way of escaping the emotional reality of their issues. Self harming temporarily relieves its users from stress, is a form of controlling their emotions, and can be used to manipulate others. Self harming is not always born from the patient’s self hatred of themselves, but is often brought on by abuse and is a form of self punishment.

Warning signs of self injury:

  • Low self esteem
  • Poor work or school performance
  • Difficulty handling emotions
  • Having items they normally would not use such as razors, lighters and other self harming materials

Why should you get help?

If left untreated self injury can eventually become a compulsive disorder and create harmful effects. At the Cove Center for Recovery we provide clients with the techniques to properly express themselves as well as the life skills to help with them coping and controlling their emotions.

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