Carfentanil Abuse Treatment

Carfentanil Addiction

Carfentanil or Carfentanyl is the newest drug creating a monster epidemic throughout the nation. Created in 1974 by Janssen Pharmaceuticals dubbed Wildnil, Carfentanil is a synthetic opioid that works similarly to morphine. However, it is 10,000 times more potent. Due to its strength, Carfentanil is only legal in the U.S. for large animals such as elephants.

At the moment more and more deaths related to carfentanil are being reported. This is resulting from drug dealers lacing the synthetic opiate in cocaine and heroin.


The intended use for Carfentanil is for large wild animals and with such strong potency, it can be deadly when consumed by humans causing

  • Respiratory Depression
  • Death
  • Sedation
  • Euphoria

Carfentanil Treatment 

Treatment for Carfentanil abuse must happen immediately. This drug is not for human consumption and continuous abuse will most definitely lead to death. For this reason, the Cove Center for Recovery takes carfentanil abuse seriously and has drafted a specific treatment plan. In response to the increase in usage and deaths, this course of treatment creates positive and long lasting recovery.

In addition, to our individualized treatment plan each client receives a custom plan tailored to their needs in accordance to their addiction. Carfentanil is a dangerous drug that needs around clock supervision and healthcare to become sober. Similarly to other opiates, this is not a drug that one can quit by stopping “cold turkey”.

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