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Morphine is an alkaloid of the opium poppy plant and is sold under many brand names. Like all opiates, morphine is a potent narcotic analgesic used a lot in hospitals and in other situations that call for a drug with the ability to relieve moderate to severe pain.

Morphine is sometimes manufactured under the brand names Roxanol® and Duramorph®. It’s street or slang names include Miss Emma and M.

Morphine can be injected, swallowed or smoked. Like other opiates, morphine, when used for an extended period of time, can cause mental and physical dependence and addiction.

Morphine acts directly on the Central Nervous System, causing side effects in addition to pain-relief, including drowsiness, nausea, and impaired coordination.

If you or someone you love is in need of help for morphine addiction, you’ve come to the right place. Cove Center for Recovery offers a premier drug addiction treatment program that can help a person recover from morphine addiction. Our aim is to treat the whole person, not just an isolated symptom. During the morphine addiction treatment process we will work with the client to identify the factors that may have contributed to their morphine addiction– home, work, relationships and medical history. We also believe that families play a vital role in the recovery process, and each of our programs encourages family participation, seeking to educate and equip the family so that they may be successful in their role as supporters.

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