There is rise of a new illegal substance, Doda. This substance has been popular for many years among the south Asian community. Doda can be bought under the counter at many retail outlets such as pawnshops. The popularity of this drug is spreading and currently is on the rise. Like other opiates, Doda is dangerous. The police in Vancouver have ignored the problem for so long and now the power of Doda is as common as marijuana.

Doda is an illegal, addictive opiate made up of a mixture of dried poppy pods. Doda is a powder form made up of grinded seeds of pods of opium poppies. It is common for the Doda powder to be used to make teas. Consuming Doda in any form puts one at high risk. Recovery from addiction to Doda can be severe. The side effects are stomach pain, cramps, loss of appetite, tremors, panic attacks, diarrhea, and vomiting. When mixed with other drugs and/or alcohol the side effects and the risk are exponentially increased.

Doda is now the second biggest abused drug among the Asian community and the problem is only getting worst. Users of Doda are usually construction workers or truckers. They ingest the substance in order to cope with long work shifts. The powder allows them to stay awake. Before making the user feel overwhelmed with tiredness, opiates cause bursts of energy.

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