Cove Center for Recovery clients Hailey and Raven came to rehab alone and are now leaving sober with a new positive friendship.  

“If I didn’t end up coming here, I would probably have ended up dead,” Hailey, a woman in rehab, said.

While battling cocaine addiction, Hailey, 20, thought no one would accept her in rehab. But she quickly realized that the clinical staff at the Cove Center really care about their clients’ wellbeing.

“The people here really care about you,” Hailey said. It’s like a little family that’s always there for you.”

Watch Hailey and Raven share their recovery story at The Cove

Raven, 31, expressed that she also took comfort in knowing that she wasn’t alone because many others were dealing with depression and addiction as well.

“Coming here I realized that other people were battling addiction too,” she said. “I learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable and my feelings don’t have to lead me to drinking.”

The Importance of Building Relationships in Recovery

Both women shared that they were able to connect with other recovering addicts making their recovery process much easier.

“You are not locked up here. You are allowed to talk to others and find the comradery you need to keep you clean and sober.” Raven said.

While being a part of The Cove’s inpatient residential rehab program, Cove clients share rooms with other recovering addicts.  As roommates, Hailey and Raven built a strong friendship while in recovery.

“It’s exciting living together. We really get along and help each other out here,” Raven said.

In addition to building a safe and loving environment, The Cove also teaches its clients how to cope and remain sober after leaving treatment.

Hailey said she was grateful she learned to identify her addiction triggers, while in therapy at The Cove.

“It’s important to know what your triggers are and how to cope with them,” Hailey said.

Both women encouraged others who are battling drug or alcohol addictions to come to The Cove Center For Recovery.

“You don’t have to hate yourself anymore,” Hailey said “You learn how to love yourself.”

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