Zumba Fitness at the Cove

During addiction recovery it is very important to not only heal the psychological damages of addiction but to also work on the physical damages. At the Cove Center for Recovery we encourage clients to form strong habits that reinforce a healthy and sober life style through different activities. This week we introduced our clients in addiction recovery to Zumba Fitness. Our clients were taught by a certified Zumba instructor for an hour. She guided the group how to perform the catchy dance moves that were accompanied by familiar songs.

For some, this was their first time participating in such an active task as Zumba and they were thoroughly impressed with the experience. This powerful workout routine helps to improve concentration, increase confidence and promotes sober activities in a fun and stress free atmosphere. Many clients have also requested taking a class regularly as an additional form of therapy due to its upbeat and stress relieving effects.

Zumba Instructor:

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